M&C Possesses highest level of Technology
in Manufacturing Processes from Mold Design to Assembly

Main Process

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Die Casting

  • Producing metal parts with various alloy such as magnesium, aluminum, zinc, etc.
  • Diverse technologies for manufacturing metal parts for various industries - mobile phone (interior/exterior), camera, CCTV, and other electronics
  • Precision die-casting technology to control below 0.05mm thickness (Upto 0.3mm)
  • Automatic trimming by multi-joint robotic arms post Die-Casting to maximize productivity and minimize loss rate

Extrusion Press

  • Fully automatic facility, manufacturing parts for mobile phone (interior/exterior), automotive electric equipment, IT system, chassis, and etc…
  • Minimizing lead-time and assuring quality as operating all processes in-house from extrusion to assembly

Machining Center

  • 3 axis processing and micro-processing (0.01mm)
  • Minimizing defect rate by JIG and automation
  • Efficiency in Tapping by in-house developed tapping process


  • Mass production ability with fully automated line
  • High quality control and surface treatment for metals (Mg, Al, Zn)
  • Excellence in surface treatment for anti-corrosion


  • Spindle line
    - spraying paint on mobile phone parts and small automotive parts with mounting spindle
    - Lateral painting
    - Fast production speed (chain moving speed: 16m/min)
    - One stop for input and output


  • Minimizing defect rate with automated releasing machine (Air-type)
  • Producing products with high glossy surface
  • Ultra-thin injection technology with 0.18mm thickness (high speed injection)